Welcome to The 2022 Elijah Message

The 2022 Elijah Message is both a non-profit and a non-denominational Christian platform for all those saints who believe in the urgency of preparing the Church and the world concerning the imminence of the end of the history of the world as we know it. The main agenda of this platform is to announce the date of the second coming with boldness in the hope that all of us will be better prepared for the day when the entire heaven led by God the father will descend to forever change the destiny of the world to the advantage of His few chosen ones.


This platform is inspired and informed 100% by the promised end-time Elijah message whose main agenda is to restore original doctrines and pillars of God’s Church based purely on the Mt. Sinai Everlasting Covenant. The bible is very clear that all the pre-Elijah doctrines are wanting thanks to the work of the devil on the strength of Daniel 8:12 which says “Because of (our) rebellion the host of the saints and the daily sacrifice were given over to (the devil) it. It (satan) prospered in anything it did and truth was thrown to the ground”.

In His own divine appointment, God anointed the Elijah Message before the creation of the world to undo the damage done by the devil over time. In the words of Jesus in Mathew 17, Elijah is supposed to restore all things. The books of Daniel and Revelation have many sealed prophecies which were designed by God to be unsealed during the time of the last and final generation that Jesus will find upon his return. These sealed prophecies are supposed to be unsealed by the Elijah message. Therefore this is not just another website. We are here for very serious heavenly business.


This platform is well aware of the single and lonely verse in Mathew 24:36 which ‘appears’ to suggest that we cannot know the date. This is the verse which satan has enviously employed to promote one of his most selling lies which claims that nobody knows or will ever know the date of the second coming. We have used the bible to show that even the sinners led by the devil will know the date well in advance.


We will through this platform use the bible to demonstrate how God’s Clock and Calendar indicate that the Great Tribulation will run for seven years from 2021-2022. God’s final judgment will then take 2300 literal days from Sunday, 13th September 2015. In their capacity as the end-time First-Fruits of God, the literal 144000 servants of God will be sealed on 22nd September, 2015 and they will start their work officially on 27th September 2015. God will assemble and send out the gathered remnant Church led by the 144000 on 6th May, 2018. This will happen 1335 days to the end. The first beast of Revelation 13 will arise on 19th June 2018 which is 1290 days to the end of the world according to Daniel 12. The second 666 beast of Revelation 13 will however rise on 19th September, 2020. The gathered Remnant Church will receive the promised Holy Spirit alternatively called the latter rain on 24th June, 2018. The door of God’s mercy or probation will be forever closed on 16th October, 2021 and will be immediately followed by the seven last plagues which will go all the way up to 31st December 2021 so that Jesus will come on 1st January, 2022.


All these dates are based on the dates of the annual feasts of the Lord based on the Mosaic Law. The dates of the symbolic feasts symbolize and typify the dates when their antitypes will take place one day.



The Science of Salvation is so wide and deep that Elohim (God) had to come up with an innovative way and means of communicating it to mortal beings whose capacity to understand such deep spiritual matters is largely limited by their Adamic nature. In His Wisdom, Elohim (God) designed the entire Sanctuary system which He employs as a teaching aid using the deep parabolic symbolism in its various events and services.


It is true that Mathew 24:36 ‘appears’ or ‘seems’ to suggest that nobody can know the date of the second coming. However, if we bring all the facts together in the scriptural spirit of a little here, a little there, precept upon precept, we find that the saints MUST actually know the date well in advance. It is against all heavenly principles for anyone to use ONLY one verse as authority to establish cross cutting doctrines like the second coming. Those who say that we cannot know the date of the second coming only quote Mathew 24:36 and no other scripture because all other similar statements in the New Testament are a repetition of Mathew 24:36. At the same time, we find that there are many scriptures which support the idea that we will not only know the date, but it will be mandatory to know.

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