The 2300-day prophecy is one of the most discussed, misunderstood, misinterpreted and controversial subjects in the entire Bible thanks to the efforts of the evil one who leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the saints do not get the message portrayed by this wonderful and important prophecy. What is presented in this web site stands tall as well as far and above all the other misinterpretations and misrepresentations in terms of its uprightness based on the Word of God.


I hereby present a totally new perspective and idea which you will not likely hear from anywhere else on the meaning of this prophecy which is found in Daniel Chapter 8. There is no known Church which promotes or subscribes to this school of thought including my own mother church does not corporately endorse the idea as we speak but there are individuals like myself and many others. At least there is no other Church that I know of. This is nothing but the truth based purely on the Bible.


It was around the year 540 B.C. or thereabouts when God chose to reveal to Daniel concerning the direction and the shape that the great controversy between God and the devil would take up to the end of time. God went into great lengths to reveal to Daniel the details on how the devil would behave and the tools he would use up to the end of time.

In Chapter 8, the devil is captured, symbolized and depicted as the little horn and everything he would do is well specified in Chapter 8 from Vs 9 to Vs 14. In fact there is nowhere else in the Bible where we find the entire work of Satan against mankind summarized in one Chapter and in one package.


The revelations that were made were so serious, fearful and frightening that they made Daniel to fall sick for several days. Daniel testifies that he was appalled by the vision and he actually fainted literary upon hearing the news and he did not recover for a few days. It had not occurred to him that the devil could ever turn out to be so influential and successful over God’s own Church and people for so long with God’s own permission.


Most of us are today like Daniel because we do not appreciate the immense powers that the devil wields. We are always blinded and overwhelmed by the mighty and incomparable powers that our God wields and we imagine and reason that God will always use His immense powers whenever the demons rare their ugly heads. However, it is high time we started asking ourselves serious questions like how the devil succeeded in sabotaging the very government of God in heaven before the very presence of the Almighty God.


Lucifer was strong enough to take off with one third of all the heavenly angels and that is no mean achievement by any standards to say the least. We are also aware that Satan was also strong enough to sabotage God’s creation here on earth 100% by fooling our first parents Adam and Eve. The same devil mobilized the entire world against God during the time of Noah. The same devil infiltrated the ranks of the Church or Nation of Israel and encouraged and inspired Israel to kill the Messiah when he came to save them.


I am also reminded that Gabriel who is the current senior most of all the holy angels after the departure of Lucifer was taken hostage for 21 days by Satan when he was sent to deliver the answer to Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 10:13 until Jesus came to his rescue . If Satan is able to demobilize the swiftest of all the angels in heaven for a period of 21 days, it means he is a strong one.


When Lucifer rebelled against the government of God long before the creation of this world, God in His wisdom decided to let him live, develop and promote his lies to allow everyone to see what he had up his sleeves. God’s intention was to give the entire humanity a chance to compare the lies as presented by Lucifer with the truth of the Word of God then make a personal informed decision on what is best for humanity. This way God would forever silence the idea that he is a dictator. If God decided to kill Lucifer when he sinned, today we would be accusing God of dictatorship and most of us would be worshiping God not out of love but out of fear lest we face the same fate of death as Lucifer. Therefore, God deliberately decided NOT to strip the devil of the powers that he possessed. On the contrary, he allowed the devil all the time and power to sell his lies. Therefore today the devil wields the powers that he wields with God’s express permission. Don't forget the devil had been created as the most powerful of all the heavenly creatures or angels. He still wields those powers even today.He is still stronger than any of the holy angels.


Daniel was therefore very surprised to hear some of the things that the devil would do as captured under the little horn of Daniel Chapter 8. These truths caused him to faint. Today men do not faint upon reading this prophecy mainly because they don’t understand the real contents of the prophecy. This is the only prophecy which unveils the finer details of the evil agenda and work plan that Satan has appointed to imprison the entire humanity. One should be surprised and scared upon reading the same prophecy.


Let us now address a total of seven (7) revelations about the future work of the devil which caused Daniel to faint and fall sick for a number of days:

Daniel 8:10 shows that it was revealed to Daniel that Satan would actually take his war to heaven where he would take on Jesus head on. Revelation 12:7 confirms how there was war in heaven on the Sunday of resurrection. When Jesus resurrected he went to heaven immediately and Satan followed Him up there and the fought. This was very daring of the devil. It was on resurrection Sunday that the devil finally left his place in heaven when he was defeated and was thrown down to this earth of ours.


Kindly note that ever since Lucifer rebelled against God long before this world was created, he still had access to heaven and that is why we see him in heaven during the time of job accusing him.


Satan was forever stopped from reaching and entering heaven during the Sunday of resurrection. I am efficiently and sufficiently reminded that this is the scene that Jesus had previously prophesied about when he said “ I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” (Luke 10:18).



Daniel was also shocked and frightened to hear that Satan would succeed in throwing some of the starry host down to the earth as suggested by Daniel 8:10. The starry host symbolizes the angels who live in heaven and it refers to those angels who rebelled against God and joined the camp of Satan. The Bible elsewhere tells us that the number of angels who rebelled against God and joined the camp of Satan is one third of the total number of angels if Revelation 12:4 is anything to go by when it says, ”His (devil’s) tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth”.


Please note that the language used in Daniel 8 is the same language used in Revelation 12 which means both are discussing the same issue of the work of the devil. One third was too big a number that it made Daniel go sick wondering how Satan would mislead holy angels in their numbers. Trampling upon them means lording it over them unjustifiably. This trampling was not an event but it is a process which cannot be stopped by anything but the day of the second coming.



Therefore anyone who argues that the 2300 days ended some time in the past is actually telling us that the devil stopped influencing his angel followers or demons some time in the past which means today the demons are no longer under the influence of their King- Lucifer. That of course cannot hold any water and is not even worth the paper it is written on. We should not entertain such errors with all the light that the sanctuary and the Bible is shedding on the matter today. We could be excused when God had not sent the light but in this day and era we cannot afford to have anything short of the truth and nothing but the truth.


Daniel was also scared to hear that Satan would set himself up to be as great as the Prince of the host (Daniel 8:11). Lucifer’s first sin in heaven was to admire to take over from the only begotten Son of God. He admired Jesus position from day one and that was his sin. Satan is anonymous with claims that he is Jesus. Since he has followers, Satan will not have trouble setting himself up to be as great as Christ. This means he will carry out a counterfeit work of setting up a fake Church since Jesus also has a church through which he blesses his people.


Most of us expect the devil to come in form of filthy abominations. We like associating the devil with such nasty things and rituals as the drinking of human blood, violence and immorality among other rotten abominations forgetting that the devil is more lethal when he acts and camouflages exactly like Christ. That is the only time that he can succeed well in his fatal deceptions. He knows that no one would ever want to be associated with him if he portrays himself as a blood-licking monster with some horns and a tail.


In any case his first desire was to be like Christ and that is his same desire even today as we speak. This tells us that the devil’s Kingdom has what looks like true and genuine “Christian” Churches but in reality they are dens of demons to further their evil agenda like wolves clothed in a confusing and misleading sheepskin. A close observation of some of the existing “Christian will reveal the “unbelievable” which are “unprintable”.


Even God’s saints are imprisoned in those dens of demons in their ignorance but God will not leave his own to get lost wherever they are. He will call them out. The message in this web site is doing just that by exposing the truth in its nakedness.

Many are ignorant members of those demonic churches. They are as ignorant as the Church of Israel was in Egypt. In Israel the Church had totally lost her identity and ancestry to the point of asking what was God’s name because it was totally forgotten yet he was the God of their forefathers.


Daniel was also told that Satan would be allowed to take away the daily sacrifice from Jesus (Daniel 8:11 & 12) . This is one of the revelations which made Daniel to literary faint. He could not understand how God would allow Satan to take over the very work that was set apart for Jesus. The work of the daily sacrifice refers to the priestly mediatorial or intercessory work. Daniel could not reconcile his thinking with the idea of the devil being allowed to play the role of mediator or to rule over God’s own Church.


When the Church rejected Jesus and killed him, they actually endorsed the devil as their King since Christ has no other adversary other than the devil. I am sufficiently reminded that when Israel rejected Samuel who was anointed of God as their King, God succumbed to the wish of the people and gave them the king that they wanted in King Saul.

God never hesitates to allow us to have our way but he always advises on the best spiritual route for us to follow. Therefore when Israel rejected Christ, God hit back at us and displayed his anger by taking the devil as the abomination of desolation and established him right inside the temple according to Daniel 9:27 to rule us as we had chosen. You can get more details elsewhere in this web site where we are discussing the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel 9. God allowed the church to be ruled by the ‘messiah” that they had chosen.


It is sad to note that when we rejected Christ we actually chose the devil and God endorsed our choice of the devil because he has the culture of sending a spirit of delusion to those who reject His truths. This was more than a curse that God pronounced on the Church for rejecting the Jesus as the true Messiah.


This curse is very well chronicled in many places in the Bible. For instance it is captured elsewhere like in Mathew 23:38-39 where it quotes Jesus saying “Look, your house is left to you desolate. For I tell you, you will NOT SEE ME AGAIN until you say, ‘blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’ ”.

Revelation 12:14 tells us how long the same curse will take before we could be reconciled to God. The time period of the curse ended in 1797 after “a time, times and half a time”. But just like Israel who did not leave Babylon at the expiry of the prophesied 70 years, the Church has never declared that “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” since then. We are still wandering in our wilderness just like Israel of old who took more than 40 years to cover a journey which would take only 21 days under normal circumstances.





Therefore although the time of our imprisonment is over, we are still in Egypt, we are still in Babylon. What a sorry state of affairs?


The time that God had given to man to make good his ways ended in 1993 when 6000 years ended since creation. We are now living at the time of delay otherwise called the time of mercy. You can check more details on this from our study on the subject “God’s original Calendar of Salvation”.



Therefore until the Church declares “blessed is he who come in the name of the Lord”, Satan will continue to occupy the seat of power over the Church under the terms of the curse as announced by God himself. This is unbelievable but it is the truth. God is as faithful in sending us the promised curses of disobedience as he is in sending us his blessed promises of obedience to his Everlasting Covenant.



Daniel also got sick to hear that Jesus’ Sanctuary was to be brought low by the devil (Daniel 8:11). All the work of the devil as explained under No.4 above definitely undermines the basic mission and vision of the Sanctuary. Those actions abominate the sacredness of the Sanctuary. Satan would in no way respect the nobility of the sanctuary. Everything about the sanctuary would therefore be brought low, abused and neglected.


Considering that the Sanctuary is the center and symbol of all Christian worship, the worst that can ever happen to the Church is to bring that place down and that is exactly what the devil has succeeded in doing.


Daniel had a good understanding of the sacredness of the Sanctuary and the mere thought that it would be brought low in that manner caused him to literary faint. May be it is our ignorance which makes us not to faint like Daniel upon hearing and learning these things.


Prophet Hosea was referring to this when he said that God would actually withdraw his presence from the sanctuary by stopping the celebration of annual feasts.Hosea says “I will stop all her celebrations, her yearly festivals, her New Moons, her Sabbath days and all her appointed feasts”. Therefore the fact that we do not see the Church being faithful in the area of the appointed feasts is because God suspended them until the Church was through with God’s curse.



Daniel also learnt that the saints would also be handed over to the devil to control them as their King (Daniel 8:12). As I have explained above, by rejecting Christ, Israel chose Satan and God endorsed their choice the same way he endorsed Saul when they rejected the anointed Samuel.


Can you imagine the devil being allowed by God to do his will over the Church up until the year 1797? Can you imagine he is still lording it over us even as we speak? Should this leave us comfortable in our churches? Come on folks! Can you imagine the church is so cheated by the devil that when you tell them to come out of the Egypt of ignorance they wonder what type of God you are speaking about.


The Bible teaches that the Church will never be able to get herself out of the grip of the devil but God will personally intervene and make it possible. This is exactly what Jesus meant when he said in Mathew 23:37 “ ...How often I have longed to gather you as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not willing?” This statement cuts across the entire life span of the church up to the end of time. These words are as applicable today as they were at the time they were uttered by the Author of our salvation.


The Church will never be able to measure up to the will of God in a corporate sense but individuals here and there in their simple minority will always be there. Since the fall of man in Eden, God has always been willing to restore the Church to maximum spiritual purity but the Church was always incapable of righteousness.


Even at the time of the end, God has set apart a special period of seven years which is far outside the time given to man to sort out his problems to personally intervene irrespective of the spiritual status of the Church at least in order to save the dignity of his Holy Name which is being profaned because of the lukewarmness of his own Church.


God will gather a few willing remnants and go with them all the way in the same manner that he settled on the 12 apostles and went with them all the way even giving them the keys of the kingdom.



Daniel was also told that the truth would be thrown to the ground and that the devil would succeed in whatever he would attempt to do because we are under a curse (Daniel 8:12). This was probably the most astonishing when Daniel learnt that Satan would succeed in whatever he will attempt to do and that the truth of the word of God will be totally hidden and buried during the entire period of the curse.


Revelation 12:15-16 captures this throwing of the truth to the ground when it says “Then from his mouth (devil’s) the serpent spewed water like a river to overtake the woman and sweep her away like a torrent. But the earth helped the woman.....”. Here we see clearly that the devil vomited falsehoods including wrong and premature interpretations of scriptures and promotion and establishment of false and erroneous doctrines and it is only God who saved us from total annihilation. Satan wanted us to be totally spiritually lost.


How could the devil be allowed to succeed in whatever he ventured into doing among God’s people? It is a deserved curse according to the promises given to those who disobey God’s Covenant. It is for this reason that God appointed and anointed the End time Elijah message to help restore spiritual order and sanity in the Church after the truth is totally buried and forgotten.


The final Elijah message is supposed to mobilize the Church into declaring that “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”. The moment the church makes that declaration then the promised holy spirit otherwise called the latter rain will immediately follow. You are lucky to have had access to this web site which promotes the end time covenant-based Elijah message


The promised end time Elijah message which is supposed to eventually bring order and sanity in the church after many years of spiritual disorderliness is captured in Revelation Chapter 10. The little scroll that the angel gives out is the one which contains the correct interpretation of the Word of God. This is the scroll that the Elijah messengers are supposed to eat. We find that upon eating the little scroll, the Elijah messengers are supposed “to prophesy again” according to Revelation 10:11. Prophesying again means doing it all over again. It means making corrections across the board in an unprecedented spiritual revival since the fall of man in Eden.The little scroll ushers in a new spiritual paradigm shift which is a radical departure from we;; known Christian customs, traditions, beliefs and doctrines.


Popular and old doctrines which has given birth to worldwide popular Churches will come tumbling down in favor of new and wonderful gems of truth that the remnants will mine from the great minefield of the symbolism of the entire Sanctuary system. The purpose of this web site is to achieve nothing but this goal of using any heaven-given tool to delve courageously into the Sanctuary and unearth that which even greater prophets like Daniel would have wanted to hear and know but they were not as lucky as ourselves who are today living during the time of unsealing the sealed prophecies.


When Daniel was still reeling from shock of those seven revelations about the devil’s master work plan, he heard another angel ask another a question on behalf of Daniel since Daniel was too scared and in shock to talk. The angel asked another how long it would take for the devil to continue having all such influence. He was desperate to know long the world will continue to suffer under such Satan driven schemes. In other words, he was simply asking when the day of the second coming would be because the entire Bible teaches that it is only during the time of the second coming that the devil’s kingdom will come to an end. That is a fact we all know about.


There is no other time that the devil is expected to stop furthering his evil agenda here on earth apart from the day of the second coming. It is on the day of the second coming that Satan will be totally incapacitated from misleading lost humanity if Revelation 20:1-2 is anything to go by when it says “And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven with the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain” with which to tie the devil and stop him from furthering the above-mentioned evil schemes and purposes.


Now the issue of 2300 days came up in answer to this great question by an angel to his fellow angel on behalf of Daniel. The angel was told that it would take God a period of 2300 literal days to undo all the work of the devil and forever immobilize and incapacitate him so that he will no longer be able to cheat and mislead lost humanity again. This automatically means that God will eventually use the final 2300 days of the history of this world to do that noble work of fixing the evil plans of the devil once and for all by his second coming at the end of the days.


This means that the 2300 days is the final countdown to the day of the second coming. It therefore goes without saying that the message of the 2300 days is the message of the second coming. Since God was not ready to reveal the date of the second coming that early, he chose to seal that prophecy thanks to Daniel 8:26 which says “the visions of the mornings and evenings that has been given to you is true, but seal up the vision for it concerns the distant future”. Therefore due to its nature of revealing the date of the second coming, this 2300-day prophecy was sealed at the time it was given which means it was not meant to be understood at the time it was given until the time of the end. It is very important that we do not lose sight of this important fact and pillar of this prophecy.


It therefore means that any interpretation of the 2300-day prophecy which was arrived at any other time other than the time of the end must automatically be faulty and wanting because the Bible is very categorical that no one could know and interpret that prophecy at any other time other than the time of the end. History is punctuated by several disappointments of all those who attempted to understand and interpret this prophecy prematurely or before the appointed time for its unsealing or revelation.


It may help you to know that some time later, God again gave another related prophecy to Daniel which is recorded from the tenth to the twelfth chapter of Daniel. This prophecy looks at the time of the end from a totally different perspective but basically they are all similar since they are all to do with the very last days of the history of the world.


From Daniel 10, Daniel is introduced to the warfare between two worldly political powers which are symbolically referred to as the King of the North and the King of the South. Their warfare constitutes the final countdown as well. Daniel was told how these two political powers and alliances would be engaged in a war that will end in an engagement which will go through the Daniel 12 timelines of 1335 and 1290 days.


Just like in the case of the 2300-day prophecy, the 1335 and 1290-day prophecies were also sealed until the time of the end if Daniel 12:4 is anything to go by when it says “But you , Daniel, close up and seal the words of this scroll until the time of the end...”. These prophecies had to be sealed in order to hide the date of the second coming at that time.


If you observe the entire book of Daniel carefully, you will notice that it is only those prophecies which reveals the date of the second coming which were sealed and closed only to be unsealed and revealed at the time of the end. All other prophecies were supposed to be understood but not the ones which pointed to the date of the second coming.


When we say the sealed prophecies are supposed to be unsealed or revealed at the time of the end, by this we mean just immediately before the final seven years of the history of the world or just before the time of the 7-yr long Great Tribulation.

By God’s own design and decree, God has set apart the Elijah message as the means and tool that he will use to unseal and reveal every aspect to do with all the sealed end time prophetic timelines. As you must have found out, the main purpose of this web site is to spread and promote the promised end time Elijah message.


A close observation of the end time prophetic timelines in the book of Daniel shows that the largest timeline or countdown is actually the 2300 days. All those other timelines including the 1335 days, 1290 days, 1260 days and 42 months fall within the 2300 days. The 2300-day prophecy is impregnated with the 1335 days, 1290 days, 1260 days and 42 months. The 2300-day prophecy swallows up and accommodates all other prophetic timelines.


One of the ways in which these prophecies were sealed is that God deliberately refused to give the starting point or dates of any of them in black and white. He however revealed everything parabolically through the symbolism of the Sanctuary services. Knowledge of the sanctuary should therefore lead us into the correct reckoning of the starting points or dates of all the end time prophetic timelines.


You will agree with me that ever since the Sanctuary was given, the Church has always concerned itself with the symbolism of sanctuary items only. However in the end time setting, God has revealed through the study of the Sanctuary that the symbolism of the Sanctuary events and the time when they are celebrated provides clues and passwords to help us decode when the antitypes will take place.


We can be able to identify the starting points or dates if we can correctly understand the symbolism of the time appointed for the celebration of the symbolic services as recorded in the Mosaic Law. In a nutshell, the times and dates appointed and anointed for the celebration of symbolic services in the Mosaic Law are the same dates when the antitypes which are symbolized by those events will take place or materialize. If we look at the life of Jesus, it confirms this argument with a 100% precision because whatever Jesus accomplished he did it during the dates of the symbolic services.


For instance, Jesus fulfilled the antitype of the feast of Passover on the day when the Passover is traditionally celebrated according to the law of Moses. Jesus fulfilled the antitype of the feast of Unleavened Bread when he was crucified on the cross as the sinless bread of life from heaven on the day when the feast is traditionally celebrated according to the Law of Moses.


Jesus also resurrected on the day of the feast of First fruits since he is the first fruits of all the redeemed. Jesus was anointed as our high priest on the day of Pentecost and he simultaneously anointed his earthly priests by sending them the holy spirit on the day when the feast of Pentecost is normally celebrated as per the Mosaic Law.


This clearly shows that all the remaining antitypes must be fulfilled during the dates of the symbolic services. This includes the antitype of the Festival of Tabernacles which symbolizes the second coming. Therefore the date of the second must be directly associated or must correspond with the date of the Feast of Tabernacles. Jesus will open the gates of heaven during the dates when we celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles.


When the answer was given to the effect that it would take God some 2300 literal days to forever fix the devil, the angel added another totally new dimension that had not featured anywhere in the description of the little horn of Daniel 8. The angel talked about God cleansing or restoring the Sanctuary during the same period. What does this really mean? From the outside it makes a lot of sense to hear that the devil who has taken over the Sanctuary services will be removed through a 2300-day process of cleansing the devils abominations out of the sanctuary and restore it to its former glory.


What the angel meant is that it is only through a process of cleansing the temple that Satan can be forever fixed. In other words, the work of cleansing the sanctuary would automatically incapacitate the devil from pursuing his evil agenda against humanity. We therefore need to examine the process of cleansing the sanctuary and see how it is related to the eradication of Satan Kingdom and influence.


The process of cleansing the Sanctuary is a well known sanctuary symbolic service which used to happen once every year on the 10th day of the seventh month. This was a special feast day of Atonement which symbolized or typified the work of God’s final judgment. In other words, cleansing of the Sanctuary is a Sanctuary-based symbolic service which represents or typifies the work of God’s final judgment against this lost world. Therefore what the angels revealed to Daniel is that for the devil to be totally eradicated, then it must be through a judicial process where God will have to carry out his final work of judging the inhabitants of this world.


This means that the final 2300 days of the history of the world will be used by God for the purpose of carrying out his final work of judgment. This noble work will culminate in the total eradication of the devil’s Kingdom. Now the million dollar question is, when will the countdown start? Which is the date of the beginning of the work of God’s final judgment?. These are questions which need answers in this day and era. As I have mentioned above, the symbolism of the times appointed for the celebration of Sanctuary services gives us the passwords of knowing the starting point of all end time prophetic timelines.


In the case of the 2300 days, we find that according to the Mosaic Law, the work of judgment is supposed to start on the day of the Feast of Trumpets which is observed on the first day of the seventh month according to God’s original calendar. The work of judgment proceeds and continues for nine days so that judgment is ready to be read and executed on the tenth day which is another special Feast of the Day of Atonement.


This means that the final 2300-day countdown must begin on the day of the Feast of Trumpet. Therefore even for those who cannot identify the year when the countdown will begin, there is one thing you must be sure about ; it will start one day on the day of the feast of Trumpets.


For reasons given elsewhere in this web site, I have been able to undoubtedly prove beyond any reasonable doubt that indeed the 2300 countdown will start on Sunday, the 13th day of September 2015 and extend down to 30th December 2021. God will in the next day which is 31st December 2021 blow the final trumpet call by way of releasing the seventh last plague or bowl and declare “it is finished” (Rev 16:17). God will officially declare that the 2300-day work of his final judgment “is finished”.


The history of the world will close on this 2301st day. After doing this then the following day which will be on 1st January 2022 Jesus will come.


We should now take time to interrogate the subject of God’s final judgment further from the perspective of the Sanctuary. We are going to address the issue of the various phases of the work of final judgment and see how they relate to us in these last days. I will do this by way of doing additional articles which are supplementary to these introductory remarks.

So keep on checking on a daily basis for more articles on this subject. There is so much to discuss and so little time that I don't see myself finishing to share everything before some of these things starts materializing before our very eyes. What I am saying is that this web site is going all the way to the last day. Watch this space!


In a nutshell, the hope of the entire sinful humanity lies in the noble work which will soon be accomplished during the prophetic 2300 days. Our hope is in the 2300 days. That is where all our focus should be. In his traditional style and wisdom, the devil has already poisoned this important area of prophecy and there is totally no harmony among even the very elect.


The words of prophet Hosea suggests that we should have no faith in anything which was settled upon during any other time apart from when the Elijah Message will come to restore and rectify everything. In other words any Pre-Elijah doctrines should not be taken as the gospel truth unless they pass the test and standard of the anointed and decreed Elijah Message. The 2300-day prophecy is one such prophecy.


This is what Hosea says in Hosea 3:4-5 “For the Israelites will live many days without King or Prince, without sacrifice or sacred stones. Without ephod and teraphim. Afterwards Israel will return.......in the last days”. Hosea is referring to the period that the woman was sent into the wilderness as a curse which was to last up to the year 1797 after a spiritually tumultuous period of ‘a time, times and half a time’ .


We are told the Church was robbed and denied access to all the instruments of worship for the entire period of the curse which we like calling the dark ages. The Church during this time did not have God’s appointed leadership and this is the void that the devil was fast to fill up. Where God is not in charge then the devil is automatically in charge because the spiritual warfare is only between those two entities. This is how the devil was allowed to take over the leadership of the Church.


You will agree with me that it is during the time of the curse when the Church was scattered in what the Bible calls spiritual wilderness (Revelation 12:14) that most of the present Christian doctrines were established. All the big churches that we have today were established during the time when Israel had no Ephod and Teraphim, no King or Prince. It was at a time when they were totally abandoned by God and so anything they settled on cannot be said to have God’s blessings at all today. Therefore do not worry when people accuse of trying to bring down pillars which established most of these churches.


God would have broken His own Law if He did not abandon and curse the Church since His own Law states that when the Church rejects the Covenant, then they are supposed to live with such a curse if Leviticus 26 is anything to go by. They killed Jesus whose sole mission was too confirm the Mt. Sinai Covenant. Jesus has now sent the same Mt. Sinai Covenant Message through the Elijah Message. God is faithful in sending us calamities of disobedience as much as he is faithful in sending us blessings of obedience. God is a Law keeper.


The main purpose of the Church today is to reclaim all those suspended tools of worship. Once we get them back, we will then be in a position to corporately declare “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”. The moment we do that then God will remember His promise and will again renew the Covenant with us again and he will send us the promised Holy Spirit or latter rain as a sign that we have passed the test. After that then the words associated with the Elijah message will come to pass because “..Then the Lord will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness...which will be acceptable to the Lord as in days gone by, as in former years” ( Malachi 3:3-4) to the glory and praise of God’s Holy Name.



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