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It is true that Mathew 24:36 ‘appears’ or ‘seems’ to suggest that nobody can know the date of the second coming. However, if we bring all the facts together in the scriptural spirit of a little here, a little there, precept upon precept, we find that the saints MUST actually know the date well in advance. It is against all heavenly principles for anyone to use ONLY one verse as authority to establish cross cutting doctrines like the second coming. Those who say that we cannot know the date of the second coming only quote Mathew 24:36 and no other scripture because all other similar statements in the New Testament are a repetition of Mathew 24:36. At the same time, we find that there are many scriptures which support the idea that we will not only know the date, but it will be mandatory to know.


The following scriptures, facts, observations and statements show that the date of the second coming will be known to the little company of saints long before the day of the second coming itself. As we will find out, it is the devil himself who has twisted scriptures to promote this error or fallacy.

(1) Mathew 24:36 which is always used as the only basis for saying we cannot know the date, is an already highly contentious verse and therefore cannot be relied upon as the only basis for any doctrine or theory. It is totally against the noble Biblical principle of a little here a little there, precept upon precept, to rely on only one verse in any matter. We have to compare scripture with scripture before arriving at any conclusion. Mathew 24:34, Mark 9:1, Mark 13:30 and Luke 9:27 suggest that Yeshua (Jesus) was addressing a different matter and not the day of the second coming and we can only study the parallelism with the last day events. The verses suggest that the day that Jesus was referring to was supposed to materialize in the lifetime of the 12 disciples. Definitely, that does not refer to the time of the second coming because as we all know, all the disciples are long gone and dead. In a nutshell, there is no unanimity in as far as the understanding of Mathew 24:36 is concerned.

(2) We also find that the term ‘Day of The Lord’ is not only limited to the day of the second coming alone but it refers to the entire seven year period of the Great Tribulation during which Elohim (God) will conclude the Plan of Salvation. The second coming is one of the events out of many more which will chronologically take place in a logical manner. The second coming is the last event in the Great Tribulation and it cannot be a secret unless all other events are a secret. We find that the dates when all other events will be fulfilled have been revealed and it will actually be a matter of a countdown. What may come as a thief to sinners is the ‘Day of the Lord’ in reference to the seven year long period of the Great Tribulation.


(3) The Bible is very clear that the devil himself will use three evil spirits to go round the world to prepare the kings and all the inhabitants of the world for the battle on the day of the second coming. This war is called the War of Armageddon. The three evil spirits will mobilize an alliance of armed forces to attack the company of Yeshua (Jesus) upon arrival on the day of the second coming. The armed forces will be informed by satan concerning the exact day of the attack which means satan and his agents will also be aware of the date because it is not a secret. It goes without saying that if sinners will know the date of the second coming and will actually be preparing for it, what logic is there in claiming that we cannot know the date yet we are the saints. Come on folks!

(4) When Jesus told His disciples to look out for the Abomination of Desolation as the last sign of the end, He also advised them to study what Daniel says concerning the same Abomination of Desolation. When we consult Daniel, he tells us that when the Abomination will appear, it will be remaining only 1290 literal days to the day of the second coming. This means that when we shall see the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation, then we will automatically know that the day of the second coming will be only 1290 days away and so it will only be a question of doing mathematics. Doesn’t this make sense? In this case we see that Yeshua (Jesus) indirectly gave the date of the second coming in a parabolic manner. He also warned that only the wise (righteous) will be able to understand and not everybody else. Yeshua (Jesus) speaks in parables deliberately.

(5) The second coming is parabolic-ally referred to as a wedding. The wedding is a perfect symbol of the second coming where Jesus is the bridegroom, the remnants the bride and Elohim (God) the father the presiding pastor. When He gave us the example of a wedding, Elohim (God) wanted us to apply the basic wedding principles that we hold in our lives in the understanding of the second coming. Have you ever heard of a wedding whose date was kept a secret for everybody including the bride, the bridegroom and the invited guests? Not at all! The Bible clearly says that there will come a time when wedding invitations will be sent out to the entire world and that of course must includes the date. The invited must know the date of the wedding otherwise how do they attend or prepare for it. There can never be a wedding where the bride and the bridegroom are woken up at midnight by the presiding pastor to make wedding vows. That would not be consistent with the character of the God that I worship, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Our God cannot make such a happy ending a secret. His name is Elohim.

(6) When Elohim (God) gave the 2300-day prophecy to Daniel, what He meant was that this is the literal time that it would take Elohim (God) to carry out a process of totally incapacitating the devil from furthering his mission here on earth as captured by the vision of the little horn of Daniel 8 by a process of cleansing the sanctuary. It means the end of the 2300 days will usher in the day of the second coming immediately. Therefore, we can use the 2300 days to mathematically know and prove the date of the second coming. The reason why the 2300-day prophecy was sealed at the time it was given is that it would have revealed the date of the second coming prematurely. The date has been sealed until the time of the end which is right now as you read this message. The time of the end is during the last generation that Yeshua (Jesus) will find upon His return. The 2300-day prophecy was not supposed to be understood by any other generation apart from the last one that Jesus will find living upon the earth when He comes. We belong to that last generation.

(7) The Bible reveals in Daniel 12 that when the Church is finally restored and gathered in the middle of the time of the Great Tribulation, Elohim (God) will take a final journey of 1335 days with His faithful servants until the day when Daniel would resurrect. We all know that Daniel will be resurrected on the day of the second coming. This means we can also mathematically know the date of the second coming using the 1335 days. You will realize that the prophecy of the 1335 days was sealed at the time it was given for fear that it would automatically reveal the date of the second coming prematurely. The date has been a well guarded secret until now. The 1335 days must be reckoned from the day of the Feast of First-Fruits of the year which falls in the middle of the final week of seven years which is the year 2018. You will find that the 1335 days converge at the same place with the 2300 days yet their countdown begins at different dates for different reasons. The same case applies to the 1290 days which also miraculously converge at the same vocal point with the 2300 and 1335 days.

(8) In His wisdom, Elohim (God) designed the sanctuary symbolism as teaching aids and tools to teach us concerning various aspects of the Plan of Salvation. The greatest discovery you will ever make in your study of the Sanctuary is that the dates when all the anti-types will be fulfilled are the same dates when the services or events which symbolize them are normally observed or celebrated according to the Mosaic Law. In other words, since the festival of the Tabernacles is the one which symbolizes the second coming, it automatically means that all the events around the second coming must be fulfilled during the dates when the festival of Tabernacles is traditionally celebrated.

(9) Isaiah prophesied that one of the principle roles of the ministry of Yeshua (Jesus) would be to announce the year of Jubilee which is the year of the second coming. Unfortunately, we never allowed Yeshua (Jesus) to live long enough to give us the date because we killed Him instead. Yeshua (Jesus) Himself confirmed this by saying” the Spirit of the Lord is on me….to announce the year of the Lord” which is actually the year of the second coming. The million dollar question is; was Yeshua (Jesus) supposed to announce a date that he did not know? Let us open our eyes please.


(10) The Bible gives a list of 14 Judgments of Elohim (God) which will take place in the last days with the very last one scheduled to mark the end of the history of the world. The first seven judgments will be mingled with Elohim’s (God’s) mercy because they will take place during the time of Elohim’s (God’s) grace and mercy. These are called trumpets and are recorded in Revelation 8 & 9. However the last seven Judgments or plagues will fall after the close of the door of Elohim’s (God’s) mercy. Since all the 14 judgments will chronologically follow each other in a logical sequence, it automatically follows that we will know the date even from the perspective of the 14 judgments by simply doing a countdown from the first to the last and since the 14th plague marks the end of the world, we even don’t need to do any mathematics to know the date of the second coming but we only wait for the last seventh plague chronologically in a well defined countdown

(11) There is a very popular Bible verse which says “Elohim (God) does nothing without revealing it to His servants the prophets”. There is no exception to this rule including revealing the date of the second coming well in advance.

(12) The first angel’s message of Revelation 14 is a time-based message which announces the arrival of the time of judgment. The message will involve announcing when the final Judgment will begin which is 13th September 2015 to 16th October 2021 when Elohim (God) will close His door of mercy. The first angel’s message is not a message about the theory or doctrine of Judgment but will be literary be announcing the arrival of the time of Judgment.



(13) The very fact that there exists Elohim’s (God’s) Calendar of salvation is sufficient evidence to show that it shows some dates and years. Which are these dates and years if it does not involve the date of the second coming? Elohim’s (God’s) calendar shows that the second coming must take place during the year of Jubilee which is a Sabbatical year. Therefore Yeshua (Jesus) cannot come in any year but in a Sabbatical year. Elohim’s (God’s) calendar also shows that Elohim (God) must come on a Saturday Sabbath. The calendar also dictates that the day of the close of probation must also be on a Saturday. It also tells us that the day when the countdown of 2300 days will start must be on the first day of the week (Sunday) and many other such clues. This means that any good mathematician can use elimination method to mathematically pin down the date of the second coming. The calendar also shows that it is in 1993 that humanity exhausted their deadlines, probations and opportunities to make their ways right with Elohim (God). Therefore the date can only be traced after 1993 which is a time of delay.

(14) Let us appreciate that it is one thing to teach or preach about the theory or the doctrine of the second coming and it is quite another to announce the date of the second coming. You cannot say Jesus is coming again without telling us the date. If you do not have the dates just teach about the theory. The purpose of the end-time Elijah messengers is to announce the date of the second coming and not to teach about the theories and logistics of the second coming.


(15) As a tradition, Elohim (God) never gives the dates of any event when giving future prophetic predictions. He only gives the year of fulfillment. Elohim (God) expects that we shall always be guided by the annual feasts of the Lord to identify the exact date of fulfillment since the year is long. If it is a prophecy to do with Elohim’s (God’s) judgment, then we shall automatically know that the date of that event should fall on the day of the Feast of Atonement which is associated with Judgment. If it is a prophecy to do with the Holy Spirit, then we shall automatically know that it will get fulfilled on the day of the Feast of Pentecost and so on. Therefore the dates for all the end-time prophetic events are known since they are the sanctuary-based dates in the Mosaic Law.


(16) Therefore Mathew 24:36 must NOT be read in isolation but must be read alongside other related verses and prophecies. We cannot run away from such verses as 1Thessalonians 5:4 which say “But you brothers are not in darkness that this day should find you like a thief”. Revelation 3:3 also gives conditions under which Elohim (God) is to come like a thief when it says “if you do not wake up, I will come to you like a thief”. Are we people of darkness or the light? Are we spiritually asleep or awake?


(17) The last generation which Jesus will find upon His return is a very privileged lot because all the secrets of the kingdom of heaven will be revealed to them. The Bible says this final generation “knows and hears what great prophets like Abraham, Moses and Elijah wanted and wished to know but were not privileged to know” Prophets like Daniel and John did not even understand the visions they were given. They were only used to pass the sealed visions down to us so that we can decode them for the entire Church. (Yeshua) Jesus actually said that the people of the final generation will be able to do much more than Yeshua (Jesus) himself did when on earth. This includes knowing the date of the second coming. Yeshua (Jesus) described John as the most important and greatest of all the prophets but he said the one who is least among us is greater than John the Baptist. This means the saint who is the least in the kingdom today is better off than even Moses or Elijah in terms of understanding the sealed prophecies as well as the mysteries of Elohim (God). It makes sense for Elohim (God) to make sure that those who will be living in the last days have special grace and privileges of knowledge over and above any other generation because these are the people who will face the full wrath of satan and therefore must also be strong enough to withstand. No wonder the 144000 who will always play a crucial role in eternity by serving Elohim (God) from His sanctuary are all selected from those who will be living in the last generation and not from any other generation since the times of Adam.


I will now back up this introduction with many more bible-based articles which will come in form of sub-topics under this particular subject to support and validate all the claims I make about this subject from various perspectives. This will give us an opportunity to discuss and answer any questions that you may be having on the matter. I pray that you will exercise a spirit of a noble Bereans by testing every claim with the Word of Elohim (God). Kindly be patient with any New Light or New Views that you will hear from courtesy of this website. May Elohim (God) bless us as we prepare for this great day of 1st January 2022. I will add more and more related articles on a daily basis so just keep on checking.

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