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It was around the year 486 B.C that Daniel discovered a prophecy that many were ignorant about. This was at a time when Daniel and many other exiles were still in Babylon after being captured by King Nebuchadnezar way back in 606 B.C. The prophecy that Daniel discovered was in the book of Jeremiah which stipulated that Israel were supposed to be exiles in Babylon for only seventy years. This is the length of time that Elohim (God) had chosen to scatter and imprison His own people for their disobedience against the Everlasting Covenant. Daniel was concerned that the seventy years had elapsed some 50 years earlier in 536 B.C with the decree of Cyrus but only a few exiles had returned and the holy city and the Sanctuary remained in a desolate situation. This inspired Daniel to go down his knees and plead with Elohim (God) to remind His people that their imprisonment was over and that they were free to return home. It is surprising that most of the exiles were comfortable in exile as much as most of us are comfortable in our spiritual exile here in this sinful world.


Even before Daniel could finish praying for His people, he was shown a vision whereby Elohim (God) gave him specific details of the future of not only the people of Daniel’s generation but of the corporate church including the first and second coming of Jesus. It is during this vision that Daniel was given the famous prophetic timelines which are popularly known as “The seventy weeks’ prophecy”. In the vision, Daniel was informed that God had already given 70 weeks to both Daniel’s generation and the entire race or nation of Israel in a corporate sense. In other words, Elohim (God) addressed the immediate and long-term concerns of his Church right from the time of the first coming to the time of the second coming. Kindly note that we have two different and distinct entities here namely ‘The City’ and ‘The people’, with the ‘city’ referring to the existing generation of Daniel at the time of giving the vision and the ‘people’ referring to the entire nation of Israel. Therefore ‘the city’ according to the Bible was given 70 weeks and on top of that, Elohim (God) also gave ‘the people’ 70 weeks as well. According to Elohim’s (God’s) Calendar of Salvation, each of the seventy weeks for the ‘city’ is seven years long while each of the seventy weeks for the ‘people’ is always 49 years long. For reasons that I have given elsewhere in this website, the 70 weeks for the ‘city’ are reckoned from the Jubilee year of 457 B.C but that of the Nation of Israel or the ‘people’ is reckoned from the first year of the exodus which is 1437 B.C.


Therefore this is one of those prophecies with double or dual applications. The 70 weeks for the ‘city’ points to the second coming while the 70 weeks for the ‘people’ stretches down to the year of the second coming. Mathematics tell us that the seventy weeks for the city stretches down to the year 33 A.D while the seventy weeks for the people stretches down to the year 1993 when humanity exhausted all her deadlines and probations to make things right with Elohim (God). This is because the seventy weeks for the ‘city’ amount to a total of (70 x 70=490) years according to the Jubilee Calendar while the seventy weeks for the ‘people’ amount to a total of (70 x 49=3430) years. We are living in the time of delay today waiting for the ‘day of the Lord’. The words of Yeshua (Jesus) when the Church rejected Him upon His first coming are still applicable today even as we read this. This is what Jesus said “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill and stone the prophets, how often have I longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not willing? Look, your house is left to you desolate and you will not see me again until you say blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord”. This is because just like Israel of old who did not know their time for leaving Egypt had come, even the current church were not ready in 1993. I am reminded that Israelites did not know they were slaves in the first place, to them it was normal life. Even in Babylon, the people were not ready when the 70 years were ended and some continued to linger in Babylon where they were very comfortable the same way that we are comfortable as exiles here in this world of sin.


With this wonderful understanding in our mind, we can now start tracing the day of the second coming from 1993 onwards. Since Elohim (God) uses His calendar, there is no way we can have more than one Jubilee cycle of extension after 1993. This means the year of the second coming must be anywhere between 1994 and 2042 which is a whole Jubilee calendar. A careful study of the operation of the Jubilee Calendar will provide us with more clues as to the exact date of the second coming which is 1st June 2022. I invite you to take time and study the operation of Elohim’s (God’s) Jubilee Calendar of Salvation. I will now back up this introduction with many more bible-based articles which will come in form of many sub-topics for this subject to support and validate all the claims I make about this subject from various perspectives. This will give us an opportunity to discuss and answer any questions that you may be having on the matter. I pray that you will exercise a spirit of a noble Bereans by testing every claim with the Word of Elohim (God). Kindly be patient with any New Light or New Views that you will hear from courtesy of this website. May Elohim (God) bless us as we prepare for this great day of 1st January, 2022. I will add more and more related articles on a daily basis so just keep on checking for the updates.

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