The appointed festivals of the Lord serve as the backbone of the entire endtime Elijah message. Everything in the sanctuary revolves around the three annual festivals of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. The three festivals play host to a total of seven feasts. The three annual festivals were not introduced in isolation or independently but were part and parcel of the Everlasting Covenant that God entered into with Israel at Mt Sinai. I now take a detailed look at the Covenant and see the importance of the seven annual feasts. This website promotes the validity of all the feasts of the Lord which are prophetic in nature. One of the cardinal Biblical rules is that no two people can walk together without an agreement (Amos 3:3). The science of sin is so complicated and for God to fix it, He requires that we behave in a certain code of conduct which requires a working agreement and relationship between Him-self and ourselves-the sinful humanity. The definition and specifications of this code of conduct has been the centre of controversy ever since the fall of man and has single handedly inspired and informed the proliferation of various Churches and even religions with each claiming to subscribe to the correct fashion of the code. This website provides a clearly defined Biblical perspective and interpretation of God’s agreement or contract with sinful humanity which is otherwise called The Everlasting Covenant. For the problem of sin to be forever fixed, God and lost humanity must walk in a certain manner which is clearly defined by His Everlasting Covenant with man. Any agreement between two parties must naturally and ordinarily contain the following three major items;


(1) The terms of the agreement,


(3) Signatures of all the parties committing themselves to abide by all the terms of the agreement and

(4) The maturity or consummation date or dates of the agreement.

We must therefore be able to clearly understand the above three items in our agreement with God. The Everlasting Covenant MUST contain all the above listed items for it to be a binding Covenant. This means that any Christian should be judged only on the basis of their performance in as far as abiding by the terms of the Covenant is concerned. The Covenant serves as the yardstick to measure our accountability and obligations before God as we travel this blood-stained path of salvation with Jesus at the head. God’s looks and judges us only from the perspective of The Everlasting Covenant. Do we abide by all the terms? Do we seriously understand them? Are we sure? .

Any spiritual revival and reformation must always be on the basis of the terms of The Everlasting Covenant. The purpose of this book is to urge all the inhabitants of the world to listen to the voice of God and revive The Everlasting Covenant which has been trodden down upon for thousands of years. Since the fall of man, God’s main pre-occupation has been to ensure that man abides 100% with all the terms of The Everlasting Covenant. Jesus main purpose and agenda during Israel’s 70th week was to confirm the same Everlasting Covenant. During the time of the end, God promised to send us an urgent end-time message in the spirit and power of Elijah. This message which will close and conclude the work of salvation is a Covenant-based message according to Malachi 3 & 4. Today the world desperately needs to understand and keep the terms of The Everlasting Covenant to the letter. That is the crying need of the Church today.


Now the biggest challenge that we face is in the area of identifying The Everlasting Covenant. We have already clearly established the crucial role that it plays and the central role that it occupies in the Grand Plan of Salvation. Let the Bible speak to us about this matter. Exodus 19:5 is very clear that The Ten Commandments plus all the other laws that God gave at Mt Sinai Constitutes the terms and conditions of The Everlasting Covenant (Exodus 20 to 23). This is very strange because most people understand the Ten Commandments to be a mere set of laws which cannot qualify to be referred to as terms and conditions of such a covenant. It is however important for all of us to appreciate that the Ten Commandments are general summaries defining the complex and indescribable will of God. It is important to point out at this point in time that although the specifications or the terms of the Everlasting Covenant were well defined at Mt Sinai, the terms have been applicable since the fall of man in Eden as is evident from 1Chronicles 16:15-20 which says it is the same Covenant which God also gave to Abraham and Jacob and the entire Church throughout history. The terms of the Covenant will always apply as long as the Plan of Salvation is not consummated by the second coming. The Ten Commandments also define the glorious character of God in a parabolic manner. In His wisdom, God designed the Ten Commandments to sound like rules and regulations in order to ‘appeal’ to sinful humanity. We put our signatures on the terms of the Covenant when the Church of Israel took an oath binding themselves and all future saints to the terms of the Covenant (Exodus: 24:5-8).


Exodus 24:3-4 is very clear that all the words that God spoke amidst that awful grandeur of Mt Sinai constitutes the terms of The Everlasting Covenant. These words are recorded from the 20th to the 23th chapter of Exodus. These words constitute the Ten Commandments as well as the 70 or so other laws whose work is to help in the operationalization and implementation of the Ten. Since the Ten are general summaries, God found it wise to provide other statutes and judgments to explain the summarized Ten Commandments. It is not possible to obey any of the Ten Commandments without getting directions and guidance from the added statutes and judgments which are recorded from the 21st to the 23rd chapter of Exodus. For instance, the sixth Commandment simply says “Thou shall not kill” but it does not give details as to what should be done to anyone who breaks that law. It is the work of the added statutes and judgments in Exodus 21 to 23 to provide such missing details and information. Every one of the Ten Commandments has added details in the statutes and judgments. The Ten are not complete without the added statutes and judgments. The Ten cannot work without the added statutes and judgments. The Ten and the added statutes are like Siamese twins sharing the same heart. .

One of the greatest teachers of the Bible had this to say about the added statutes and Judgments.”That all obligations of the Decalogue (Ten Commandments) might be more fully understood and enforced, additional precepts were given illustrating and applying the principles of the Ten Commandments. These laws are called judgments (P &P pg 310)”. Most of us christens do not see the connection between the Ten and the statutes. We see them as two different sets of laws. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Some have even erroneously baptized them as ‘ceremonial laws’. The Bible is very clear that all the words that God uttered at Mt Sinai are part and parcel of the Everlasting Moral law or the Decalogue. What we should baptize ‘ceremonial laws” are the laws which were given one year after the awful grandeur of Mt Sinai. Those laws talked about offerings and sacrifices. We call them the Levitical laws. The entire Covenant is designed in such a manner as to be sufficient in meeting all the spiritual and social needs of the Church at any given time. God’s expects that His people should use these set of laws as their constitution wherever they may live. God expects that His people will be guided by the principles established by the terms of the Covenant to establish themselves safely wherever they settled. You will realize that so important was the Covenant that Moses was instructed to write all the terms of the Covenant in a book which was called the Book of The Covenant. This book contained all the Ten Commandments plus the 70 or so added statutes and judgments. This means the Covenant Book contained all the laws recorded from the 20th to the 23th Chapter of Exodus. In other words, the Book of The Covenant contained all the words that God uttered at Mt Sinai. .

The book of the Covenant was supposed to be read in the seventh year during the Feast of The Tabernacles of that 7th or Sabbatical year. This is the only time that everyone, women and children included were required to gather in the temple and listen to the public reading of the Book of The Covenant (Deuteronomy 31:10). This means every seven years God took time to remind the entire Nation of Israel concerning their lofty expectations and obligations under the terms and conditions of The Everlasting Covenant. This was a law as serious as the one on the seventh day Sabbath. There is no other book in the entire Bible that God instructed should be read regularly as a law apart from the Covenant book.


There was also the two tablets of stone on which were written all the words that God uttered at Mt Sinai. This included the Ten plus the added 70 or so other statutes and judgments which explain the details of the Ten. I believe the first four laws were written in front of the 1st stone while the other six were written in front of the second stone. Then the 70 or so statutes were written on the back of those stones (Exodus 32:15). You must be well aware of the fact that most people (maybe including yourself) believe that it is only the Ten Commandments which were written on the stone tablets with four on one tablet and six on the other but many do not believe there were others written at the back but the Bible is very clear that all the words that God uttered in Mt Sinai on that day were written on the two stone tablets in front and at the back and put inside the Ark to show how everlasting they are (Exodus 32:15-16).


Since our God is a God of order, the list of the Ten Commandments as well as the statutes and judgments was well designed by God who took sufficient time in the mountain writing the list down in a systematic and organized manner. God did not want the list to be interfered with and that is why he promised serious curses to anyone who would add or subtract even a ‘comma’ (Revelation 22:19). The following is the correct list of the Ten Commandments. You will realize that there are many lists subscribed to by different people but we are hereby discussing the original biblical list as given to Moses. Kindly take your time and compare the list of your Church with this Biblical one. You will find that they are not the same. I am yet to come across any congregation which subscribes to the biblical fashion of the list of the Ten Commandments. The devil has succeeded in mutilating the lists just to mess up God’s wonderful plan for lost humanity. God gave the list a certain architectural design which should be left intact since it serves a certain purpose. The devil knows this and has gone out to mess up with the list. Let’s now do the comparison. (1) (Exodus 20:2)-“I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery”. (2) (Exodus 20:3-6)-“You shall have no other Gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my Commandments”. (3) (Exodus 20:7)-“You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guilt-less who misuses his name”. (4) (Exodus 20:8-11)-“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son nor daughter, nor your manservant or maidservant, nor your animals, nor the alien within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy”. (5) (Exodus 20:12)- “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the lord your God is giving you”. (6) (Exodus 20:13)-“You shall not kill”. (7) (Exodus 20:14)- “You shall not commit adultery”. (8) (Exodus 20:15)-“You shall not steal”. (9) (Exodus 20:16)-“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor” and (10) (Exodus 20:17)-“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor”. You will realize that most of the churches do not recognize the most important Commandment which describes Jesus as the savior and this is the very first one. Commandment Number 1 has been totally annihilated and described as being just peripherical. In order to make up for the number ten, most of us have subdivided other laws to fill the gap. That is the devil for you. Some Churches like the Catholics have mutilated the list further inn trying to accommodate their own selfish interests in the list.


It is important for us to address our selves to the implications of the 4th Commandment. This Commandment is the heart of The Everlasting Covenant. As is the case with all the other nine Commandments, the 4th Commandment has to be obeyed from the perspective of and under the guidance of the added sabbatical statutes and judgments. We find that God provided Sabbatical statutes and judgments which are recorded in Exodus 23:10-17. These statutes demand that in our keeping of the 4th Commandment, we must observe the three annual festivals of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. The three have a total of seven feasts under them. The devil has twisted the scriptures in his campaign against The Everlasting Covenant to portray the picture that the festivals are no longer valid and that they were abolished on the cross by Jesus. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is in the 4th Commandment that we find the gospel which is symbolized by the three annual festivals. For instance, it is during the Passover festival that we commemorate and remind ourselves of the selfless sacrifice of Christ as our ultimate Passover sacrifice. This is the time we consider Him as our substitute, model and righteousness. It is wrong to look at the feast celebrations as legalistic in any way considering that we are always called upon to meet and remind ourselves of the merits of Jesus as our Passover lamb. The celebrations should carry themes and messages of Christ Our Righteousness. Every feast is a revelation of at least one phase of Jesus’ work to save us. It is during the Passover that we learn of the process of justification as an integral part in the work of salvation. It is during the feast of unleavened bread that we learn of the work of sanctification that Jesus carries in our lives as our sinless bread of life from heaven. The same case applies to all the other feasts where we see the work of final glorification symbolized by the feast of Pentecost. While the feasts appear to be legalistic from their outside appearance, they carry themes of salvation and the gospel which we cannot get in any other way. We therefore see that the 4th Commandment is very wide and comprehensive. The entire gospel finds its roots in the 4th Commandment. The entire Sanctuary system is also entrenched in the 4th Commandment. One of the most inspired writers of the gospel has this to say concerning the 4th Commandment in P&P pg 678, “In the time of the end every divine institution is to be ‘restored’. The breach made in the law at the time the Sabbath was changed by man is to be repaired”. When theses words were spoken, they were directed at saints who were already passionate Sabbath keepers and therefore the issue could not have been on observing Saturday Sabbaths but had to do with some other dimension to do with the 4th Commandment. The quoted words imply that when the devil changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, he also did another damage to the same la but which was yet to be discovered by the time these words were being written. As we have already indicated, the three annual festivals are part and parcel of the 4th Commandment. Leviticus 23 and Exodus 23 actually refer to the seventh-day Sabbath as much of a feast just like any other. Saturday Sabbaths are supposed to be viewed as feast days. However, Satan ensured that we do not celebrate the appointed times according to the Bible thereby doing a lot of damage to The Everlasting Covenant in general. (James 2:10).


The Everlasting Covenant requires that we observe and celebrate certain special, appointed, decreed and anointed holy moments, days and/or seasons. The following are The Appointed Times of the Lord which we must celebrate at their appointed times without failure: (1) During the Levitical times, the priest would offer the morning and evening sacrifices around 9am and 3pm every day. It did not matter how special the day was whether it was a Sabbath or a feast day but everything had to wait and give way for these sacrifices to be offered. When Jesus abolished sacrifices and offerings, those times were converted into official prayer times by God in heaven. We need to revive and reform to accommodate observance and acknowledgment of those holy moments of prayer. One does not need to attend some Church service somewhere but can even whisper a prayer in the course of their work or wherever they may be. Those are the moments when God and Jesus literary meet in heaven to audit and plan for the day’s work. We are also called upon to hold parallel or simultaneous prayers in recognition of God’s meeting with Jesus every day in heaven at those times. Try Jesus in this and you will not regret it. I have tried Him already and I have seen the benefits. Can you remember when Peter healed the cripple outside the temple? They had gone to the temple at 3pm for the evening prayers (Acts 3:1). (2) The next appointed time of the Lord is the 7th day of the week which always falls on Saturdays. This is the holy Sabbath day. Every seventh day in heaven, God summons a general meeting of all the inhabitants of heaven to audit the work of a whole week of seven days. We are required to hold simultaneous or parallel assemblies here on earth in recognition of God’s heavenly meeting or holy assembly. (3) The next special appointed moment is called New-Moon day. This is the first day of the month when God expects us to have special moments of thanksgiving for the gift of a new Month and to celebrate the successes of the previous Month or mourn its failures. This is the day when the moon is totally obscured and there is no crescent visible at all. We say it is the time of the lunar conjunction when the earth, sun and moon are on a near straight line. This is a day that assembling of the saints is required but not to the tune of Sabbath sacredness because it is not an officially designated Sabbath day. This is a day one can choose to fast or dedicate to God in one way or another. This day should not just pass like any other day for the saints. (4) The other appointed time of the Lord is the annual time of the 7-day Passover Festival. This Festival plays host to three different feasts within those seven days. The first of those feasts is the Passover Feast after which the Festival is named. This is supposed to be celebrated from the twilight of the 14th day of the first Month. The same night should be a mandatory Passover night vigil until the morning of the 15th day. Jesus was arrested while observing the Passover night vigil. It is during the night vigil that the saints are supposed to take the Passover as instructed by Jesus during his last Passover here on earth. Remember one has no freedom to change the times appointed for the celebration of any of these feasts. (5) The next appointed time of the Lord is the Feast of Unleavened Bread which is a seven day event running from the 15th to the 21st day of the first Month. The 15th and the 21st days are reckoned as holy Sabbath days with all the sacredness of the seventh day Sabbath whether or not they fall on the Saturday Sabbath days. During the seven days of the feast, the saints are supposed to break bread every evening. Remember the bread should not be taken alongside the cup like is the case on the Passover night in the 14th day of the same Month. When Jesus resurrected on Sunday, that evening He broke bread at Cleopas place in keeping with the requirements of the Feast of Unleavened bread which had started on the Friday of crucifixion and was extending up to the following Thursday (Luke 24:30). (6) The next appointed time of the Lord is the Feast of First-Fruits which is always held on the day after the seventh-day Sabbath which comes immediately after the Passover Feast on the 14th day of the first Month. This means the Feast of First-Fruits is supposed to be celebrated on Sundays all the time. (7) The other appointed time of the Lord is the Pentecost Festival which is observed exactly 50 days from the Sunday of the feast of First-Fruits. This is a one day Festival and plays host to only one feast. This day is reckoned as a holy Sabbath day although it is always on a Sunday. The disciples were celebrating this Festival when Jesus endorsed it by sending the promised Hoy Spirit during the celebrations. In future the Church will be given the latter rain in the course of their Pentecostal Celebrations one Sunday morning. (8) The next appointed time of the Lord is the Festival of Tabernacles at the close of the religious calendar in the 7th month of God’s original calendar. This Festival plays host to three different feasts spread across 21 days of this final 7th Month. The first feast is the Feast of Trumpets which is always held on the first day of the seventh month. The whole day is set apart as a Sabbath day whether or not it falls on Saturdays. (9) The next appointed time of the Lord is the Feast of The Day of Atonement which is held every tenth day of the seventh month. This day is set apart as a holy Sabbath day. It is a day when fasting is a must since it is the most solemn feast of all the seven. (10) The next appointed time of the Lord is the seven -day feast of Tabernacles which is held from the 15th to the 21st days of the seventh Month. (11) The next appointed time of the Lord is the seventh or Sabbatical year. The 7th year is always a Sabbatical for the land. (12) We also have the 50th year which is set apart for the Jubilee celebrations. It is therefore another appointed time of the Lord which we need to observe as a Church. It is only when we faithfully observe all the appointed times of the Lord that we can be said to be walking together with God as Enoch did. The following facts show how important the appointed times are in our journey to heaven and also explains the important role that those times play in our lives.


From Exodus 31:12-13 we see that one of the appointed times of the Lord which is the seventh-day Sabbath is the sign between God and the Israelites forever. The word ‘Israelites’ refers to all God’s people who have been called and promised the Kingdom. This is a well known fact and there is unanimity on the issue among all Christians. Exodus 13: 9 again says something that we never take seriously but is very important. It says the 7-day long Passover Festival is the sign between God and those Israelites who keep the law of God. This means one can be an Israelite and keeping the seventh-day Sabbath and still be a law breaker if they don’t observe the feasts. As the Bible says, if you keep the whole law but fail to keep only 1% of it then you are considered to have broken the whole law. It is therefore NOT enough for anyone to keep the seventh-day Sabbath holy. The Bible clearly says that many are called but few are chosen. We therefore see that there are many Israelites who have been called and they all justifiably have the seventh day Sabbath as the identifying mark but they don’t have the Passover sign to show that they are obedient Israelites who obey the law 100%. Every saint therefore needs two have two distinct signs, the Sabbath sign and the Passover sign. Every Israelite is supposed to appear before God carrying their 7th day Sabbath credentials so that they can be considered for the only sign which qualifies us for heaven which is the Passover sign. As the bible clearly says “many have been called but few chosen”. The “many” who are called have the seventh day sign but the “chosen” ones have the Passover sign. This means the Passover sign symbolizes the wedding garment while the Sabbath sign symbolizes the invitation (card) to the wedding of the lamb. We get the Sabbath sign because we observe it. We can only get the Passover sign by observing the 7-day long feast at the appointed time as explained above alongside other appointed times as well. If you carefully look at the end-time scenario, you will realize that the holy woman of Revelation 12 who represents the Christian Church is the one who is associated with the sign of the seventh day Sabbath but the offspring that she gives birth to which is also called the ‘Remnants’ is the one which is associated with the Passover sign and that is why the Remnants are said “to keep the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. That is why in the end-time set-up, Satan will abandon his chase and enmity of the (compromised) woman and start chasing the feast-keeping Remnants or offspring of the woman.


The appointed times of the Lord are special times that God has set apart to address and fulfill various issues to do with our salvation guided by the theme of the moment. When He gives the Church future prophetic predictions, God only provides the year during which the event will take place but he never provides the day and the hour. God expects that we will be guided by the appointed times to know the exact day and hour. If for example God tells us that He will carry out His judgment in the year 2015, then we will look for the date of the Day of Atonement when the work of cleansing of the sanctuary used to take place since that cleansing symbolized the work of Judgment. This means that the dates appointed for the celebration and/or observance of various sanctuary services and events are the same dates when the anti-types which are represented by those symbolic services will be fulfilled. This is the greatest lesson that we will ever learn concerning the symbolism of the times appointed for the celebrations of all the sanctuary services and events. It is important to point out at this point in time that every sanctuary event or service has a special timeline decreed and anointed by God specifically for that event. One has no freedom to change those dates at all. Every event in the plan of salvation is symbolized by some service or event in the sanctuary. Kindly get my book on the Sanctuary for more details on this. Adventist pioneers used this formula to settle for the date of 22nd October 1844 as the exact date when the “cleansing of the sanctuary” was to begin according to their understanding because that was the day of the Feast Of Atonement in that year. Remember the prophecy had only given 2300 days without specifying the day or the hour. This is what the inspired pen says of this formula says in GC 399, “In like manner all events related to the second coming MUST be fulfilled at the times pointed out in the symbolic services”. Jesus Himself endorsed this formula when He told His disciples “the Passover is just around the corner and the Son of Man must be arrested and handed over”. By this Jesus showed that He connected his arresting directly with the day of Passover. We should also know how to connect feast days with many other end-time prophetic events.


Since our God is a God of order, He has set apart His appointed times when He showers His people with special blessings. God has a time for everything. Every type of blessing has a special day and time appointed for it. This is one of the reasons for the existence of the appointed times. The Appointed times serve as real appointments between us and God when we meet for special blessings and fulfillments of special promises. Just like the pool of Bethesda which used to be stirred once a year releasing special blessings, each feast day should serve as a special pool of Gods blessings which we must drink from (John 5:1). For instance, if we look at the Passover night vigil, God openly declared that it is a special day for the judgment of all the gods of Egypt. Every one of us as sinners have gods of Egypt which always sabotage our march to heaven and stops us from reaching our maximum Christian and spiritual potential. It is during that time that we get freed from demons that possess us in our lives, all the curses and bad spell cast upon you by your enemies must be broken during that vigil night. Every appointed time is special in many ways. We lose a lot if we ignore to drink from the pool of God’s special blessings. I have dealt with this matter in great detail in my book ‘The Prophecy and the Gospel in the Lord’s Feasts’. Kindly get yourself a copy. The pool of Bethesda used to be stirred during one of the feast days but because people did not know how to reckon that time, they were always there every day waiting to ‘see’ the water being stirred. This was very agonizing for the sick but God allowed them to suffer as a lesson to all future generations that we should know the Appointed times. During all the time when Jesus went around preaching and healing, He never visited this place where the sick always assembled and when He had the opportunity to go near the place, He healed only one of them leaving the rest to suffer out of lack of knowledge. Anyone who was wise was only supposed to do a correct moon-reading and know exactly when the water would be stirred. He would then by faith get into the water to wait for the stirring while right inside the pool. Maybe you have been suffering because you do not know the appointed times when your ‘Bethesda pool’ gets stirred. This book will help a great deal.


One of the greatest challenges that we face us a Church today is on how to know the correct formula of identifying feast dates. The devil has been so cunning to introduce a number of fake formulae which has inspired and informed the proliferation of many Churches based on wrong statistics and formulae. It is a well known fact that Satan succeeded in messing up God’s calendar from time immemorial and what we today use as the Gregorian calendar is 100% antagonistic against God’s original calendar (Dan 7:25). Moon-reading is one area the devil has totally messed up with but I thank God because of the Bible since all the facts are there and it is easy to reconstruct God’s calendar of Salvation .Kindly get my book on ‘God’s Original Jubilee Calendar’ for more details on this. It is not enough to observe the appointed times of the Lord but it is absolutely important to do it at the decreed and anointed times. This is a problem which existed during Jesus’ time. If you go through the Bible carefully, you will discover that Jesus celebrated His last Passover on Thursday evening when He believed was the 14th day according to the demands of the Mosaic Law. However the entire Nation of Israel was misled by the priests into believing that the Friday of crucifixion was the 14th day when the Passover was supposed to be eaten. Jesus could not join the majority in celebrating the Passover at the wrong times because the Law did not give anyone the permission to celebrate the appointed times at any other time other than the one indicated in the Mosaic Law. Israel were wrong because Satan had introduced a foreign system of moon reading which stipulates that the first day of the moon is when the first crescent appeared and this is very WRONG. There is no crescent at all during the first day of the month since that is when the sun, earth and moon are on a near straight line when the moon begins its rotation around the earth again. We call it the lunar conjunction. The devil ensures that we miss the mark by one or two days just the same way he changed the Sabbath to Sunday for Christians and Friday for Muslims just missing the mark by one day only.


All the major biblical events that you know of happened during one of the appointed times of the Lord. This is another great discovery that we will ever make concerning the appointed times of the Lord. Everything ranging from Noah’s floods, Sodom and Gomorrah, the fall of Jericho walls etc all happened during these special times of the Lord. The Exodus itself as we know happened on the Passover night, when they crossed the red sea, it was on a day of the Feast of First-fruits although Israel did not know since the law had not yet been given at that point in time but God knew about it. In fact Israel crossed the sea on the day of the first-fruits because they were the first-fruits of God’s Church at that time. God is so orderly that the crossing of the red sea could not happen in any other day whether Israel knew about it or not because this is all about God and His order of doing everything at the right time. After crossing the red sea they moved on until the day of Pentecost when God came down on Mt Sinai to give the Church the Everlasting Covenant on the day of the feast of Pentecost. Israel did not know that Sinai was Pentecost day since the law was not yet given. However, according to God such a function could not be done in any other day but on the day of Pentecost whether Israel had the Law or not. The seven days of demolishing of the Jericho walls were the seven days of the Passover Festival as well. The list is endless. That is why many years later as the apostles assembled to celebrate Pentecost, God sent them the Holy Spirit since that cannot happen in any other day according to God’s diary of salvation. It is quite obvious from the Bible that God always revived His Covenant during days of Pentecost Celebrations. Even in the future, the promised New Covenant between God and the Church will be entered into on a day of the feast of Pentecost. That is when the promised Holy Spirit will be sent and showered on the saints. Those who were not together with the disciples celebrating Pentecost did not receive the Holy Spirit. Similarly, those who will not be found celebrating the feast of Pentecost will not get the promised Holy Spirit otherwise called the latter rain when God will finally pour His Spirit on the church during the feast celebrations. All the end-time prophetic events will always start and end on feast days. That is another great observation and a fact that we will ever discover about the feasts. I have discussed this in detail in my relevant book. One of the greatest teachers of the Bible has this to say in GC pg 399,”…in like manner events related to the second coming must be fulfilled at the time mentioned in the symbolic services”. Those strong words support the theory of the feasts as a formula of identifying the dates of all the anti-types. This is a very important gem of truth indeed. Isn’t it?


The Bible is very clear that God’s blessings or curses for us individually as well as corporately are inspired and informed by our obedience or disobedience of the Everlasting Covenant. Leviticus 26 clearly defines the blessings and curses associated with the Everlasting Covenant. If we can look at the history of the Church from Sinai, we see God’s curses all over their lives since they never lived according to the Everlasting Covenant. The bad news is that since the fall of man, those who have chosen to follow God have never corporately committed themselves 100% to the terms of God’s Covenant. That is why the world was destroyed by floods, that is why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed and the list is endless. Lets us now look at the history of the Church and the Covenant since Mt Sinai.

The history of the Church and the covenant since Mt Sinai

Despite the miraculous powers that God displayed in the wilderness in favor of the Church, it is surprising that the Church still went ahead to disobey God even after entering the promised land. I should point out at this juncture that the journey across the wilderness was supposed to be a few weeks’ affair but it ended up taking a whole 40 years due to the disobedience of the people.


The Church continued with their disobedience reaching their climax when they rejected God’s appointed Judges and told Samuel they wanted their own King modeled after the Kings of the World (I Samuel 8). God had promised them that he wanted them to be a peculiar people but they said no, “we want to be like the other Nations of the world”. God succumbed to their pressure and ordered Samuel to anoint for them Saul as their King. Later God again intervened by bringing in King David but as we will find out later, this did not help but corporately Israel sunk deep into idolatry thus totally going against the terms of the covenant. Israel’s disobedience caused them to be a divided Nation between Judah and Israel and this angered God who unleashed the Assyrians who attacked and scattered the Nation of Israel as a punishment around 723 BC.

Nebuchadnezar in 606 B.C

Even after God allowed them to be waylaid and scattered abroad by the Assyrians, the Church did not learn a lesson but continued to go against the Covenant even after God sent servant after servant to help in its revival. God again kept His promises by unleashing King Nebuchadnezar on the Church again in 606 BC. He destroyed even the sanctuary and took them captives just as promised to those who would disobey. The Church was again scattered as a punishment.


From the year 536 BC, God started a process of restoring the Everlasting Covenant by the rebuilding of the temple. This process appeared to progress very well until around 170 BC when a Grecian King Antiochus Epiphanes passed laws banning all the sanctuary services. He also banned Jewish customs including circumcision among others. He actually entered into the temple and placed His idol god Zeus on the mercy seat in the temple and instead of the Lamb, he sacrificed pigs during the morning and evening sacrifice. This is the time that Israel started using the term “the abomination of desolation” in reference to the actions of King Epiphanes. This is the time that new traditions and formulae of moon-reading were introduced. They changed calendars and did all they could to stop the Everlasting Covenant from taking root. Satan was inspired more by the fact that the birth of Jesus was in sight and he had to prepare the world for His rejection. Satan knew that if Israel continued observing the appointed times of the Lord, then they would be able to know of the birth, ministry and death of Jesus. Satan had to do away with any tradition and belief which would endorse and reveal the birth of Jesus.

The 70th Week

The devil succeeded in misleading Israel so that they did not recognize Jesus when He came. As a result, today Israel officially believes the Messiah is yet to come. When Jesus started His ministry in 27 AD, the Bible is very clear that His main purpose was to revive the Everlasting Covenant by confirming it afresh. When Israel failed to heed the voice of God by accepting to revive the Everlasting Covenant as requested by Jesus, God was angry and He was as faithful in sending them a curse as promptly as He sends us His blessings. Daniel 9:27 says that Jesus Himself took the Abomination of Desolation and established it in the sanctuary as a curse for the Church for having rejected His message of reviving the Everlasting Covenant. The Church was then sent into spiritual and physical exile for a “time, times and half a time” after which they would be released from the curse. Jesus said the following words when cursing the Church in the middle of the 70th week,” look, your house is left to you desolate. For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” (Mathew 23:38-39). Jesus was referring to the time of the end when God will enter into a New Covenant with the Church as promised through prophet Ezekiel. This is the day that Jesus will send us the promised Holy Spirit otherwise called latter rain. I have covered that subject in greater detail in my book “The Great Tribulation”. You will realize that ever since our curse expired at the end of the “time, times and half a time”, the Church is yet to declare “blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” as Jesus said. As a result, the Church has been left spiritually deficient and lacking the presence of God. The Church’s preoccupation today should be on how to mobilize every one of us to declare “blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” so that God can come back to the Church and give us the Holy spirit to mark the beginning of the New Covenant. We have become like the Israelites who overstayed in Babylon despite the expiry of their 70 years’ imprisonment. We need people who will go before God like Daniel and ask Him to intervene because we have overstayed our imprisonment. Our scattering should have ended long time ago. We should have been released from our curse long time ago. We should have been home many years ago. Our liberation is long overdue. Just like He did to Daniel, God will definitely provide us with timelines on how He will get us out of this prison of sin if we pray.

The New Everlasting Covenant

The Church should not have any other agenda apart from how it can hasten and prepare everybody for this great day. It is time that every one of us reflected the true character of our model and substitute Jesus Christ. We need to live according to the terms of the Everlasting Covenant 100%. I hope and pray that you will be able to access my book “The Great Tribulation” where the New Covenant is covered in detail. The scenes of the 70th week of Israel will soon be repeated since the Church will corporately reject the Covenant. God will choose the 144000 servants the way He chose the 12 to take over the leadership of the Church. In His own design and wisdom, God decided long time ago that the work of calling upon the Church to prepare for the ‘signing’ of the Covenant would be spearheaded by a special messenger who will come in the spirit and power of Elijah to prepare the way for the Lord. The first coming had John the Baptist as the fore-runner, thank God we have Elijah as the fore-runner of the second coming. This will be in keeping with God’s well known tradition of using individuals to revive His Church. We have seen Him use individuals like he used Moses to get Israel to enter into The Covenant at Mt Sinai. He later used Ezra to get his people out of Babylon and revive the Covenant. He used Peter and personally gave him the keys. This time round He must anoint and empower His servant for the end-time job. During the first coming of Jesus, Israel was waiting for Elijah more than for the Messiah since it was Elijah who was supposed to give everybody the correct schedule of the first coming. The Elijah message is the only platform and forum where we can learn and get issues to do with the second coming. It is prophet Elijah who will give us the timelines on how we will be saved the same way Daniel was given the 70 weeks’ timelines. Malachi 3 & 4 is very clear that the end-time Elijah revival message is called The Covenant Message. The Everlasting Covenant is what John of Revelation is calling “The Everlasting Gospel” as preached by the first angel of Revelation 14. Malachi 3 stresses that this end-time Elijah Covenant Message will antagonize the Church the same way that Ezekiel’s message antagonized the Church. This is what it says from Mal 3:2-4”But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap. He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver. Then the Lord will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness and the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will be acceptable to the Lord as in days gone by, as in former years”. The status quo therefore is expected to rise up against this end-time Covenant truth. The Message will face opposition from the majority. It will be like the time of Noah. Only a minority will endorse this truth. Revelation Chapter 10 shows the time when Elijah will receive his anointing. He received a message which is sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach just like in the case of Ezekiel. After that, Elijah is told to “prophesy again”. This means some new light must come from Elijah since all the sealed end-time prophecies will be unsealed by Prophet Elijah. God will provide him with all the passwords to decode the sealed end-time prophecies. One of the greatest teachers of the Bible had this to say about the coming of the end-time prophet in SM Book 1 pg 412 & Counsels To Ministers & Gospel Workers pg 521 “Prophecy must be fulfilled. The Lord says ‘Behold I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord’. Somebody is to come in the spirit and power of Elijah and when ‘he’ appears, men may say, ‘You are too earnest, you do not interpret the scriptures in the proper way’. (Jeremiah 31:31-34, Ezekiel 11:16-1))


It is unfortunate that the devil has been successful in twisting the scriptures to mislead many into believing that the celebrations of the appointed times of the Lord ceased or were abolished at the cross. That is one of the biggest lies of Satan in which he has succeeded immensely. The words of Paul in Colossians 2:16 are especially coined around to portray the wrong picture. The words of Paul may appear to suggest so from their outside appearance but when we interrogate them further we see the true picture. In our Bible studies, we must be guided by one of the cardinal rules of Bible reading which stipulates that before reaching a final decision on any biblical verse, we must “compare scripture with scripture, precept upon precept” (Isaiah 28:10). We must bring together all the verses and statements to do with the feasts and compare them. When we do that, we find that the feasts are actually valid. Paul himself whose words are used to fight the feasts passionately and regularly observed and celebrated all the feasts of the Lord. The million dollar question is “Was it possible for Paul to criticize that which he passionately celebrated?” Jesus himself endorsed the Festival of Pentecost which was held 50 days after his resurrection by sending the promised Holy Spirit. Jesus himself participated in the Feast of Unleavened bread on the evening of the resurrection Sunday at Cleopas place (Luke 24:30). The early Church led by Peter also kept and observed the appointed times. The evidence in the New Testament for the observation of the Lord’s feasts is actually more than that of the seventh day Sabbath. Talking about the Sabbatical laws which justify the feasts as recorded in Exodus 23:10-17, one of the greatest teachers of the Bible has this to say in R&H, May 6, 1875, “ Christ gave Moses religious precepts which were to govern their every day life. These statutes were explicitly given to govern the Ten Commandments. These are not shadowy types to pass away with the death of Christ. They were to be binding upon men in every age as long as time should last”. This supports the view that the feasts are still binding even today. If you look at the constitutions of world governments, you will find that they are modeled after God’s Covenant as recorded from the 20th to the 23rd chapter of Exodus. Even the rule of an eye for an eye is well entrenched in constitutions of all world governments. That is why God urges us to respect the authorities since in one way or the other they do his bidding since the Church cannot enforce the laws by force and the laws are also applicable to Christians and Non -Christians alike. The following scriptures show that the early Church as well as Paul observed the appointed times passionately and regularly. (Acts 2;1, 12;3, 18;21, 20;16, 27:9. 1Corinthians 5;8, 16;8. Mathew 8;11. Mark 14;25.) The end-time Elijah message itself is a message to God’s Church and one wonders why Elijah must call upon a Sabbath keeping Church to “Remember the Law of my servant Moses, the decrees and Laws I gave him at Horeb for all Israel” (Malachi 4:4). This must not be referring to the Saturday Sabbaths but to the feasts.



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